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Cris Loureiro

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I started writing during the wild stage of my youth. Later, I was "writing without direction” and, by 2009, I brought up my first blog of memories in which I have shared news about the changes in my life, about moving to a new country and about my new dreams.

Nowadays I write from England with my heart in Portugal.

My life started in Lisbon, with me living in the nice neighbourhood of Stº António dos Cavaleiros. When I finished my degree in Architecture, I moved to Oporto city. From there I stopped by London and today I am living in a small house in the relaxed countryside of England, just 30 miles from the craziness of the British capital.

At home we are seven; three women of strong personality, a brave man, two lazy cats and a playful kitten. We all have our own imperfections but we have been coping with that.

I like perfect things (or almost perfect), sunny mornings, walks by the sea, lazy Sundays on winter days and two coloured ice creams. I like photographing, decorating and re-decorating. I like Sunday breakfasts, the smell of freshly baked cakes, hot bread with butter, home made scones and pumpkin jam. I like morning coffee as much as coffee after lunch. I love the conversations, the ramblings and the table full of friends. Love the dreams I fight for, planning the future while living the present. I admire women of courage and men in love with their families.

I enjoy creating things with my hands. Short moments of my life and strange and personal findings about me inspire me to make objects, home accessories with a story within. - please visit my shop for more.

Away from the profession I studied for, I write about it, about design, decor, about life in general and the most beautiful things in particular. My professional life has crossed many times with several design areas, from furniture design to graphic and web design.

I am self-taught. When I don't know something, I search for and I learn, I make mistakes and I start all over again. Learning the well done way of things, even if it's at the second attempt or the tenth, motivates me, makes me proud and gives me the wings to fly higher and higher each day.

Writing is a pation that follows me through life. In between managing my handmade shop, keeping my personal blog alive and being a mother, a wife and a housewife, I write stories for children and for adults, and there's when my mind floats and I forget the world ♥

Thank you for being here!


Hello there!

If you have a shop, a galery, a business that would like to buy my handmade work, know that I do wholesale prices and would be more than happy to hear from you. I can do commissions in particular cases. Click to email me.


I am also available for collaboration and / or partnerships envolving my blog. I write mostly in Portuguese as it is my main language. If you are interested just send me a line:


If you are a publishing company keen in publishing my books. Well, those are great news! Please, do not hesitate any longer, just click here. ♥

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